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This page features tutorials for Cyan Worlds' 3D Studio Max plugin. The purpose of this page is to give advice to beginners and advanced users by looking at the features of this plugin and giving some tips on its usage.
This page is not associated with Cyan Worlds. All material on this page regarding Myst, Uru and Myst Online is property of Cyan Worlds.


Getting Started

3D Max Modeling Tips for Age Creators

Various Topics

- Getting Started -
added: 04/04/2010

Setting Everything Up

Topics covered:

  • What software you need
  • What to install where
  • How to set up the Plasma Plugin
  • How to write an .age file
  • information about sequence prefixes
added: 04/04/2010

Speeding up your Workflow

Topics covered:

  • Starting up Uru faster
  • Assigning keyboard shortcuts in 3D Max
added: 04/04/2010

Creating your First Age

Topics covered:

  • Workflow from 3D Max to Drizzle to Uru
  • Using the PageInfo component (Misc > PageInfo)
  • Setting up a Starting Point component (Type > Starting Point)
  • Hiding objects in the engine (Ignore > NoShow)
  • Creating a box object with physics applied (Physics > Simple)
  • Setting up basic lighting
3D Max Modeling Tips for Age Creators
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added: 04/18/2010

Creating Banisters with the Spacing Tool

Topics covered:

  • Extracting edges from a 3D object
  • Distributing objects along a path using the Spacing Tool
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added: 04/22/2010

Creating a Path on a Terrain

Topics covered:

  • Using the Loft object to extrude a shape along a path
  • Using the Conform object to project the path onto the terrain
  • Giving the path a thickness using the Face Extrude modifier
  • Dynamically updating the layout of the path
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added: 04/22/2010

Modeling with Shapes

Topics covered:

  • Using modifiers to create 3D objects from splines (Extrude, Bevel, Bevel Profile)
  • Using compound objects to create 3D objects from splines (Loft Compound)
  • Using the text shape feature with special fonts to create 3D geometry quickly
Various Topics
added: 04/04/2010

Using Proxy Terrains

Topics covered:

  • Using an alternate object for collision checking (Physics > Terrain)
  • Using 3D Max's Optimize Modifier to reduce face-count
  • Create a proxy object for some stairs (Physics > Proxy Terrain)
added: 04/09/2010

Setting up Cameras

Topics covered:

  • Creating cameras in 3D Max and assigning them different behaviors (Camera > Fixed Camera, Auto Camera, Circle Camera)
  • Setting up regions to trigger these cameras (Camera > Camera Region)
  • Setting up points of attention for the camera (Camera > Avatar POA, Object POA)
  • Allowing the player to pan a fixed camera (Camera > Allow Camera Panning)
  • Setting up a default camera for your age (Camera > Make Default Camera)
  • Creating transitions between cameras (Camera > Override Transition)
  • Forcing the player into first or third person mode (Camera > First Person Camera)
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added: 04/04/2010

Creating an Object with 3 Individual Animations

Topics covered:

  • Animating an object in 3D Max
  • Using the "Notes Track" to add markers to the animation
  • Use the animation component (Misc > Animation) to set up the different animations
  • Set up a detector (Detector > Clickable) to trigger the animations individually
added: 04/05/2010

Creating Complex Animations with Motion Controllers

Topics covered:

  • What is procedural animation?
  • How to assign motion controllers to an object
  • How to "bake" a procedural animation into keyframes using the MaxScript "Animation Baker" by Piranha Bites
  • How to omptimize your workflow using a dummy object for the procedural animation
  • How to completely exclude an object from the export process (Ignore > Ignore)

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